Thank you from Susan Bernardin

My deep thanks to SUNY-Shine for making a contribution to YOU, Inc. (Youth Opportunities Upheld), in memory of my father, George Bernardin. His decades of advocacy and leadership of YOU, a nonprofit dedicated to youth and families in Worcester, Massachusetts, influenced my pursuit of education and social justice. Thanks as well to SUNY Oneonta colleagues and friends who have supported me during this difficult time.

Thank you from JoAnne Murphy

Thank you to everyone who was so supportive during my father’s illness.  Thank you also to the Oneonta SUNY-Shine fund and College Enhancement Committee for the contribution in my father’s memory to the American Jewish World Service.  I appreciate all of the kind and thoughtful condolences and am so grateful to work with this community.  You are all, across the board, wonderful.

Thanks and Good Luck

The Hunt College Union extends our warmest wishes for success to Kathy Hewlett as the new secretary in the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness. Thank you for three marvelous years serving our patrons and students at the Information Desk and Box Office!! – #ChucksCrew

Thank You from Dee Couse

Dear Friends,

Thank you all so much for 30 years of fun.  I’ve gotten to know so many people who have become great friends over the years.  We’ve shared good times as well as hard times.  We’ve cried together, and laughed so hard we’ve cried.  Never have I experienced so many different situations with so many different people.  I may never plant another flower, unplug another drain, paint another wall, plan another party or mop another floor on campus, but I will remember it always.  Thanks for all the cards, gifts and well wishes.  And always remember this “Live, laugh and love like there is no tomorrow, because sometimes there really isn’t.”

Love,  Dee Couse

Thank You from Janet Frankl

Many thanks to all those who made my retirement celebration so special!  Thank you for all the good wishes, the fun conversations, and the chance to tell you all how important you have been in my life.  I WILL be back, at least for a little while.  And a special message to Cindy – I STILL have lots & lots of old emails that I can forward to you if you need evidence that we had a basis for requiring those essential purchasing backup documents.  I also have purchase orders back to when Norm G was here unless someone has the good sense to toss them one of these days!  I will miss you all!

The newly retired Janet Frankl

Thanks to Our Volunteer Servers at Midnight Breakfast

Many thanks to those who gave up some sleep to serve students with a hearty midnight breakfast to begin finals period.

Close to 700 students showed up and were happy to see some unusual faces behind the counter.

  • Bill Harcleroad – Hunt College Union
  • Daniel Nahson – Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Rachael Price – Academic Advisement
  • Sarah Brown – Residential Community Life
  • Jestina Drysdale – Residential Community Life
  • Tracey Ranieri – Athletics
  • Robb Thibault – Hunt College Union
  • Brad Veach – Residential Community Life

We also wish to thank our colleagues in Sodexo for preparing all of the great food and keeping us organized.

To view the photo:  Senior Breakfast Volunteers