Jonathan Sadow presents papers at ASECS

Jonathan Sadow, English, presented the paper “Eliza Kirham Mathew’s What Has Been and the Anti-Marriage Plot” at the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies’ annual conference in Denver on March 23 as part of the panel “Marriage Rites and Marriage Wrongs: Feminist Thinking on Marriage during the Long Eighteenth Century.” This paper discusses the influence of Mary Wollstonecraft on a little-known feminist 1801 novel about a woman writer stymied by the callousness of the wealthy and her marriage to an allegedly-progressive husband.

On March 21, he also presented the short paper “Satirizing ‘Satire’ and Haywood’s Eovaai” as part of the roundtable “Recovering Women’s Satiric Voices; or, A Feminist’s Work is Never Done.” This paper examines the way Eliza Haywood’s 1736 novel Eovaii appropriates techniques like fake footnotes—used in a misogynist way against writers like Haywood by Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift—to mock and modify the satirical genre used against her.