COIL trip takes faculty to Cali, Colombia

Six faculty members from SUNY Oneonta traveled to Cali, Colombia at the end of February to meet with their Colombian faculty partners and plan COIL projects for the Fall 2019 semester. Chiton Reynolds from the TLTC facilitated the trip.

The Global Initiatives department supported this trip as well. Dr. Dorothy Rombo (Human Ecology), Dr. Ho Hon Leung (Sociology), Dr. Maria Chaves-Daza (Africana & Latino Studies), Andris Balins (Music) and Erica Brown (Foreign Languages) were accompanied by Chilton Reynolds (TLTC) as the facilitator and had a guest from SUNY Morrisville (Wyatt Galusky) join the group. They were joined by Dr. Maria Cristina Montoya, who is on sabbatical in Cali for this semester.

Each set of partners (one SUNY professor and one Colombian professor) worked on a COIL project for their students to implement next semester.

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