Kpoti Kitissou travels to DC with students

Dr. Kitissou, Michelle Thibault, and Dr. Gina Keel accompanied 13 students from the School of Economics and Business and Political Science to Washington D.C. for a health policy workshop on Medicaid, Medicare, and the political debate on Universal Healthcare.

The scheduled trip was part of Dr. Kitissou’s special topics course on Health Economics. The workshop was coordinated by John Kaelin, Senior Advisor to the Centene Corporation (Class of 1977). The students had discussion sessions with a US House of Representatives member, a US Senate Finance Committee member, health policy staffers, health insurance companies and policy directors, and lobbyists. They also attended a House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee hearing and the Hill’s Women in Congress event.

The trip culminated with presentations from students on a research question on health economics or policy topic each developed over the week. An alumni event was held March 7, 2019, to complement the learning experience and provide networking opportunities for the participants.