Surplus campus items donated to local schools

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle….. Repurpose!

As you know, the college and its employees are responsible for the stewardship of state-owned property. This includes the disposition of used items that are considered no longer of use to the institution, yet still in good, usable condition.

If we are unable to find a campus home for surplus items, The Office of Property Management is able to donate them by following the state protocol offering other SUNYs, and NY state government agencies and municipalities the opportunity to claim these objects.

Typically, surplus items are examined and those that are considered of value to local schools and not for profits are listed as available through the CREATE program. Registered entities are eligible to receive direct donations from our campus through the State Education Department.

Since the fall semester, the Office of Property management has had notable success recycling items that might otherwise sit in storage or be discarded.

To date, we have donated the following items to local school districts:

* 153 gym lockers

* 259 wooden library chairs

* 120 assorted Dell computers

* 10 Wooden library tables

Should your department have items they wish to surplus, please contact Property Management to begin the donation process. William Wood at 3232 or or Deb Wolfanger, x 2621 or

Help us continue our progress toward our mutual goal of sustainable campus practices!