Science Discovery Center event to cover “fake science”

Join astrophysicist Joshua Nollenberg and archaeologist Cynthia Klink for a discussion titled, “No, Definitely NOT Aliens: Resisting Fake Science in Astronomy and Archaeology,” on Tuesday 3/26 at 5:30 p.m. at the AJ Read Science Discovery Center, SUNY Oneonta.
Moderated by Doug Reilly (Science Discovery Center) and Renee Walker (Anthropology), the discussion will consider examples of pseudoscience, such as 2018 claim by two Harvard astrophysicists that an object detected in space might be a “fully operational probe sentintentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization” (Bialy and Loeb 2018) and the popularity of The History Channel’s series, “Ancient Aliens,” which has promoted the idea that ancient monuments like the Nazca Lines of Peru and the Giza pyramids of Egypt were built by visiting aliens—not the local peoples of these regions.
The discussion will be focused on what astronomy and archaeology really tell us, and why it is important and necessary not only to promote science education and science literacy, but also to talk back and resist fake science.
This event is free and open to the public.