UUP to host pre-retirement planning program

UUP Pre-Retirement Planning Program: Thursday, March 21, Noon, Le Café

Cognizant that effective retirement planning needs to begin years, even decades, before the event, UUP will host a Pre-Retirement Planning Program on Thursday, March 21 at Noon in Le Café, Morris. Panelists include State UUP Retiree Service Coordinator Walter Apple, SUNY Oneonta Benefits Administrator Gail Feuer, and recently retired faculty member Mary Ann Dowdell (Human Ecology). UUP Oneonta Officer for Retirees and Regional COARM (Committee on Active Retired Membership) coordinator Loraine Tyler organized the program and will moderate it.

Topics to be covered include planning, timetables, paperwork, pensions, health benefits, and life after retirement. Learn also about the forms, rules, and deadlines that are part of the pre-retirement planning process as well as Social Security, Medicare, TIAA-CREF, New York State Teachers‘ Retirement System, other savings and health plans, phased retirement, Appendix A-46 Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule, dual annuitant/dependent survivor coverage, COBRA/Voluntary Dental & Vision Plans, accumulation of sick leave credits, and the impact of moving out of state.

It is never too early to start pre-retirement planning. This program is for our new and veteran UUPers—and all those in the middle. Time is a bullet train. Good decisions now can make your retirement a positive experience for you and your family.

To facilitate the food order and other logistics, please RSVP by emailing oneonta@uupmail.org  or by calling 436-2135: Please leave your name and callback information—and specify the event.