Cooperstown Graduate Program students plan training program

Students from the Cooperstown Graduate Program planned a training program last fall for Civil Affairs Army Reservists, which they ran March 3 with the 403rd Civil Affairs Battalion, Company A. The program focuses on cultural property protection during conflict and provides instruction on international law, history, prioritization, and skills such as inventorying and packing museum collections.

Saturday’s exercise included classroom instruction, a visit to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, and a scenario set in the fictional country of Atropia. In the latter, students and soldiers worked together to evacuate a faux museum that was threatened due to a coup that destabilized the area and put the collection at risk of destruction and looting. The exercise provides valuable training for the soldiers, as well as for the CGP students who must master the material, present it, and then work as part of a diverse team to achieve a tangible goal.