Applications available for State/UUP JLMC Individual Development Awards

The State/UUP JLMC Individual Development Awards (IDA) Program is designed to support a variety of professional development projects or activities by assisting eligible employees to develop their full professional potential and to prepare for advancement.

The maximum amount that can be awarded to an approved applicant is $1000. At this time, allocations are available for two (2) time periods. Employees may only be funded for one project or activity per time period.

First time period (“retroactive”): projects/activities that have already occurred from April 01, 2017 to July 01, 2018.  The deadline to submit applications for the “retroactive” period is March 29, 2019.

Second time period: projects/activities that have occurred or will occur from July 02, 2018 to July 01, 2019.  The deadline to submit applications for the second period is April 30, 2019.

For application and guidelines, visit