Mette Harder publishes article

Mette Harder (History) has contributed the article “Robbers, Muddlers, Bastards and Bankrupts?”: A Collective Look at the Thermidorians” to the H-France Salon “Becoming Revolutionaries: Papers in Honor of Timothy Tackett.”

From the introduction to the volume, which honours the work of Timothy Tackett, professor emeritus at the University of California, Irvine and specialist in the history of the French Revolution: “The essays in this volume (…) give a rich picture of his legacy and the continuing impact of [Tackett’s] ongoing work. (…) Drawing on the best of the Annales approach, he has consistently emphasized the need to place the choices of individuals in a larger social context. (…) Yet at the heart of Tackett’s work is the question—not so much “why,” but how historical actors make choices that in their aggregate make revolutions, civil wars, social advances and episodes of violence.” Harder’s article suggests a prosopographical approach in the tradition of Tackett and Lewis Namier to investigating French revolutionaries’ various, and not always strictly political, motivations for becoming reactionaries after Robespierre’s fall.