Preferred names now permitted on campus ID cards

On behalf of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, Oneonta Auxiliary Services, and Employee Services, I am pleased to announce an update to SUNY Oneonta’s Preferred First Name Process. It is currently recognized as a best practice for supporting transgender and gender non-conforming members of college communities. SUNY Oneonta permits use of preferred names as long as the use of this different first name is not for the purpose of misrepresentation. The college extends this accommodation in order to help foster a more welcoming, supportive and respectful campus climate for all of its students and employees.

Beginning this semester, preferred first names will be included on campus ID cards, while legal names will be displayed on the back of the ID card. This process helps those that wish to go by a name different than their legal name while on our campus.

Students and employees that wish to have this change done will need to complete a preferred first name request form and submit it to the Registrar (students) or Human Resources (employees). Once completed, you can visit the ID card office located in Red Dragon Outfitters to get an updated card. If the name change is related to an individual’s gender identity, the normal $20 charge for an updated card will be waived. For other requests for name changes and updated cards, such as use of a nickname, there will be a $20 charge for the updated card.

Please note that other documentation from the college may still contain legal names.

For access to the preferred first name request forms and additional details about the process, please go to the Preferred First Name Process section of the GSRC website.

Thank you to all involved for your support and continued dedication to creating an inclusive community at SUNY Oneonta! If you have any questions about this update or the process, please contact me at or 607-436-3019.