Post your events to Campus Connection, CORQ

All faculty and staff (as of the beginning of the fall semester) have access to post their events to Campus Connection, which is our campus events calendar. Events posted to Campus Connection appear on the events calendar, on the events app CORQ, are included in the weekly events email sent to students (if public or campus-wide), and can be included in various RSS calendars, such as the diversity and sustainability calendars. We had 3,241 events posted in 2017-18 and we know there were plenty not posted.

For those who may not know, CORQ is the mobile version of Campus Connection. You can find it in the Apple and Google Play stores for free. It is location-based, so you can see public events hosted at institutions all across North America. Here in Oneonta, you can choose to see public events at SUNY Oneonta or at Hartwick College. You can see even more of our campus events by logging in using your SUNY Oneonta credentials. You will then see events only open to campus members and in any organizations you might be members of. You can filter events by theme (Arts and Music, Athletics, …) or by Perks (free food, free stuff, LEAD credit) or see them all. Community members may use the app to see public events.

To create an event on Campus Connection:

  1. Go to []Campus Connection ( and login using your campus credentials
  2. Click on *SUNY Oneonta under memberships
  3. Click the Manage Organization button in the upper right corner
  4. Click on the 3 lines in the upper left corner (or swipe in from the left on mobile devices)
  5. Go to Events and Click +Create Event – you may create up to 18 recurring events with one submission
  6. Enter information:
    1. Title
    2. Select a Theme (for the mobile app)
    3. Description
    4. Co-hosting organization if appropriate
    5. Start Date, Time, End Date. Time
    6. Location (you will have the option of including a google map if you want)
    7. Select who should see the event: Public, Campus members, Organization members, or invited member
    8. Select Event Categories (at the very least Program/Special Event but selecting others will place them on content specific calendars)
    9. If requesting LEAD credit please:

                                                               i.      Select Allow Attendance at this event to be shown on the record

                                                             ii.      Add credit “perk”

    1. Set RSVP settings and limits
    2. Upload a flier if you want it included in the weekly events video
    3. Put your EMS confirmation number if using a campus facility (so we know you actually have the room)
    4. The next screen will ask you to upload a cover photo – you can also upload a jpg of your flier and then select which part is visible
    5. There are some follow up questions that trigger other questions depending on the answers. The most important is the LEAD credit question. LEAD credit is proven draw for events and if your event is at all educational it can get LEAD credit. We just ask that you identify which credit (info is available at the I icon by each credit) and state which faculty or staff member is presenting or, at least, reviewing the presentation for educational content. It is important that if you ask for LEAD credit that you take attendance. It is preferred that you do so by using the Campus Labs Mobile Check-In App but if you prefer pen and paper we need their Oneonta email address or a#.

If you joined the college after 8/27, please contact Bill Harcleroad at or 607.436.2550 to be added to the group and given access to post.