Dan Stich and collaborators publish paper and open-source package

Dan Stich, assistant professor in the Biology Department, recently published a paper with collaborators Tim Sheehan at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Joe Zydlewski at the U.S. Geological survey. The paper, available here, details the development of computer-based life-history models for American shad, Alosa sapidissima. Stich simultaneously released an open-source package for the statistical programming language R, dubbed shadia, with SUNY Oneonta MS Biology student Erin Gillligan and collaborator Jeanette Sperhac, a scientific programmer at the University of Buffalo Center for Computational Research, and maintainer of the VIDIA user interface that provides access to the high-performance computing cluster. The software package contains code, documentation, and examples for the model in the Penobscot River and three other major watersheds in the Northeast (Connecticut, Merrimack, and Susquehanna Rivers), and is available here for use. It is now being used by federal scientists and fishery managers to inform decisions related to fish passage regulations during hydropower dam relicensing. This work was supported by a NOAA Coastal and Ocean Climate Applications grant awarded to Stich and collaborators in 2017.