January UUP Meeting and Workshop to cover workload

On Wednesday, January 30, 2019, at noon, in Le Café, Morris, UUP will sponsor a luncheon workshop and discussion specific to UUP Professionals on Workload. Part-time and full-time Professionals are encouraged to attend. 

UUP needs substantive impact from its Professional members on their workload experience and observation at the College.

The January 30 UUP Professional session will open with a workshop concerning contractual responsibilities, limitations, and remedies concerning workload. Labor Relations Specialist Darryl Wood will lead the workshop. Discussion by rank-and-file UUPers about workload will drive the second part of the sessions. Table captains, drawn from the ranks of UUP officers and departmental representatives, will facilitate discussion and record comments. To encourage frank discussion, the author identity of specific comments will not appear in the written record.

[UUP will hold a separate session for its Academic members.]

In order to facilitate proper food order, please RSVP at oneonta@uupmail.org