Miguel León publishes second edition of book

Miguel León, History, published a second edition of his book “Textiles and Honor: Encomenderos and Colonial Society in Huanuco, 1539-1640.”  The book was co-published by the Regional Government of Huánuco and the Regional Archives of Huanuco that consider the book an important contribution to the historical memory of this region.

“Textile and Honor” is a prosopographical study of Spanish colonizers of Huanuco, an area located in the Peruvian northern highlands which traces the lives of the Spanish conquistador elite and their families for three generations. An analysis of their social and economic activities is also included in this historical account with special emphasis on the management of the native labor and tribute as well as the textile production.

For the second edition, the author has written a new introduction assessing the impact of the first edition and added an appendix of paleographic transcriptions of sixteenth century documents.