Ethics update for state employees

The NYS JCOPE has released its latest newsletter, available at It addresses potential ethics violations of personal use of social media, how to monitor your ethics training and financial disclosure statement status, and a new advisory opinion of post-employment restrictions.

If you have any questions, please contact our campus Ethics Officer, Gail Feuer, at or at 607-436-2509.

Paycheck distribution for week of Dec. 26

PAYCHECK DISTRIBUTION – Wednesday, December 26, 2018 (Christmas Week)

Live paychecks will be distributed as usual on Wednesday, December 26 provided that someone in your department is available to receive and distribute them. If there will not be an individual in your department to receive and distribute checks that day, please alert the Payroll Office via email at

Please note that due to the holiday and US Postal Service, Direct Deposit Advices may not be readily available on Wednesday, December 26.  This does not impact the deposit to your bank account on the 26. You can log in at to view and/or print an electronic copy of your advice. It is anticipated that the Direct Deposit Advices will be sent through a separate intercampus mailing to departments upon their arrival to Campus.

PLEASE NOTE:  Employees should retain this paycheck/advice as it contains valuable year-to-date information.