David Fieni publishes article in online journal

David Fieni, French, has published an article in the b2o Review, an open-source online journal. The article, “‘Hold to poetic knowledge without creating a fetish,’ or How to Resist Disfiguring the Maghreb in Theory,” is part of a dossier celebrating the 40th anniversary of Edward Said’s field-defining book, Orientalism.

In the piece, Fieni asks how critique today can resist turning knowledge about the Maghreb – poetic or otherwise – into a fetish. He works through some of the ramifications of the confluence of Khatibi and Said regarding figuration and knowledge as it relates to the disciplines of Francophone studies, comparative literature, and postcolonial criticism.

The full text is available at https://www.boundary2.org/2018/12/david-fieni-hold-to-poetic-knowledge-without-creating-a-fetish-or-how-to-resist-disfiguring-the-maghreb-in-theory/