Thank you to helpers of Holiday Craft Fair

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in making the Dec. 1 SUNY Oneonta Holiday Craft Fair a success.

We had over 50 vendors present with all handmade items, our biggest fair yet.

Scott Bennett & Stan Smith, Maintenance Operations – Custodial – set up

Kevin Meenan and Chuck Colella, Maintenance Operations – Custodial – additional set up (Friday)

Brian Davis, Maintenance Operations – Custodial  – day of fair assistance

CSRC – Linda Drake, TyAra Gordon (Student Coordinator) – volunteer assistance

Sahel Shah, Mikhail Vainblat & Marina Porrata – CSRC volunteers

Harry Potter Club – Gift wrapping and attendance count

Erin Meehan, Student Building Manager, Hunt Union – ongoing assistance

Marie Tucker & The String Ensemble, Music Department – phenomenal music

Steve Matteson, Starbucks – Carts

Bill Harcleroad and the Activities Council – Carts

Sodexo Catering – refreshments for craft vendors

Lorin Levins, Office of Communications & Marketing – promotion

Robb Thibault & Angela Deleski, Hunt Union – supporting the craft fair


We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you!

-Laura Emmett & Kathy Hewlett