Nutrition for Performance Club partners with SUNY Oneonta Athletes for cooking class

On Nov. 6, the SUNY Oneonta Nutrition for Performance Club hosted the first of two yearly cooking classes for the student athletes on campus. The purpose of the cooking class is to show athletes how to make quick, easy, affordable nutritious meals. The recipes were peanut butter energy bars, protein powder pancakes, egg muffins, vegetarian Mediterranean wraps, and red pepper hummus.

About 24 student athletes were in attendance at the event and worked in groups to make one of the recipes. The e-board and members of NFP guided the athletes when making their recipes. The cooking class allows the athletes to get hands-on experience to improve their cooking skills and boost their confidence in the kitchen. NFP shows athletes different cooking skills like how to properly hold a knife, basic knife cuts, and cooking techniques such as baking, sautéing, pan frying, etc. The athletes also learned about nutrition information and benefits of using certain ingredients.

The athletes were able to taste each group’s recipe and thoroughly enjoyed cooking and eating the food. They realized that it is easy to make cheap recipes that are also nutritious. This year’s event was a huge success and one NFP’s largest turnouts.

The event is coordinated with Sara Curran-Headley, Head Softball Coach and Student-Athlete Affairs Administrator, who helps with funding and shopping for the ingredients.

The NFP Club is tremendously unique to most Division III institutions in the country. Under the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Bueche, a Professor in the Department of Human Ecology and SUNY Oneonta Faculty Athletics Representative, she has spearheaded the program now for four years. The program has helped to engage and encourage students to understand the importance of great nutrition and its overall importance to life in general beyond the college environment and throughout life.