Student Athletes rake leaves for the community

During the late part of October and into the early part of November, you could find SUNY Oneonta student athletes from baseball, softball, men’s and women’s basketball, wrestling, women’s lacrosse, and track and field out helping their Oneonta neighbors making the community look a little nicer.

For more than a decade, the student athletes have been participating in the annual leaf raking community service project that has helped many in the local area who need assistance with the annual chore of picking up leaves from their yards.

Student athletes and their coaches put themselves to work at various residences throughout the community by raking and bagging leaves. The intent of this service project is for the student athletes to understand the importance of being neighborly, developing a sense of community and to learn the joy of helping others who might be having some hardships. Students who attend Oneonta come here from many different areas around the state and, while they may be here for just four years, the sense of being a part of a larger community is an invaluable life lesson.

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