Andrew Bottomley delivers history podcast at Harvard University

Dr. Andrew Bottomley, Assistant Professor of Media Studies in the Department of Communication and Media, gave a talk at Harvard University this week as part of the inaugural Sound Education podcasting conference. Held on November 1-3, 2018, Sound Education is an event that brings together educational and academic podcasters with radio and podcast professionals. The conference aims to explore the various ways in which podcasting can be used as a teaching tool, both inside the classroom and to bring the classroom outside to the public. That is, podcasting is becoming a powerful platform for scholars to broaden the audience for their research and to teach curious listeners about the humanities, sciences, and other academic topics.

Dr. Bottomley presented a special talk on the history of podcasting in the early 2000s – a history that is largely unknown, even to those working professionally in radio and podcasting. His talk is based on research from his forthcoming book Sound Streams: A Cultural History of Radio-Internet Convergence (to be published by the University of Michigan Press in early 2020).

Dr. Bottomley is a leader in the areas of sound studies and radio studies, and he is recognized as one of the media studies field’s foremost authorities on audio podcasting. Earlier this year, he was the recipient of the 2018 Dissertation Award from the Society of Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) – the leading scholarly organization in North America dedicated to the humanities-based research and teaching of film, television, radio, and related media. He is also a Research Associate on the Library of Congress’ Radio Preservation Task Force (RPTF). At SUNY Oneonta, Dr. Bottomley is the faculty advisor to the college’s student radio station, WONY 90.9 FM, and he directs the student-run production of the public affairs podcast series Oneonta Voices.

Other speakers at Sound Education include some of the most prominent producers and executives working in podcasting and public radio today: Dan Carlin (Hardcore History), Julie Shapiro (Radiotopia), Nate DiMeo (The Memory Palace), Kerri Hoffman (PRX), John Biewin (Scene On Radio), Christopher Lydon (Open Source), Benjamen Walker (Theory of Everything), Jake Shapiro (RadioPublic), Andy Bowers (Panoply Media), Dylan Keefe (Radiolab), Andrew Leland (The Organist), Eric Nuzum (NPR, Audible), and Mia Lobel (Revisionist History).