Amie Doughty publishes edited collection

Amie Doughty, English, has edited a collection of essays called Broadening Critical Boundaries in Children’s and Young Adult Literature and Culture, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

The collection contains a variety of essays about children’s and YA literature ranging from an analysis of an ABC monster board book and explorations of race and gender in various children’s and YA books to an examination of environmentalism in animated film and an analysis of the history and role of youth librarians to an exploration of the role of popular video games in the middle and high school classroom.

Doughty’s essay “‘Don’t ever forget the art’: Syncretism, Intersectionality, and Markedness in The Summer Prince” from the collection examines the YA dystopian novel The Summer Prince and argues that the theory of markedness allows for a better understanding of how syncretism functions in the novel.