Consider promoting events for students, public using Campus Connection

Students and the public don’t receive the weekly Campus Bulletin, so the best way to advertise to them is to post your event to the college’s events calendar, Campus Connection. Information posted to Campus Connection also populates the CORQ mobile app. All college employees (as of 9/1) have been given access to post events.

Posting events to Campus Connection:

  1. Go to Campus Connection ( and log in with your SUNY Oneonta credentials
  2. Click on the appropriate organization (*SUNY Oneonta) which should be right on the front page in the “My Organizations” section
  3. Click Manage Organization (upper right corner) which brings you to a sparse looking page with a circle and organization #s
  4. Click on the 3 bars (upper left corner or swipe in from the left on a mobile device) and select Events
  5. Click “Create Event”

Email if you don’t have access or if you’d like me to come to your staff meeting to demonstrate.