Women’s and Gender Studies to present Oct. 18 Gender Out of Bounds talk

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies will present GENDER OUT OF BOUNDS: “Sexism and Singlism: The double-edged sword of gender and relationship status” on Thursday, Oct. 18, from 5 to 6 p.m. in the CME Great Room in Lee Hall. Dr. Charlene Christie will be speaking.

According to the US Census Bureau, the percentage of adults who are single has steadily increased over the past five decades. However, the notions that everyone wants to be coupled, that single people are unhappy, and that being in a committed romantic relationship is an expectation of successful adulthood remain largely unquestioned. DePaulo (2007) coined the term “singlism” to refer to the stigmatization of single adults and provided evidence of pervasive negative stereotypes and discriminatory behaviors against singles which are widely perceived as legitimate.

Past work shows that the negative cultural images and stereotypes of singlehood are more likely to be attached to women than to men. As a result, many have suggested that being single as an adult is more problematic for women. Thus, in contrast to demographic data showing that singlehood is becoming more prevalent, most women continue to define and evaluate themselves in reference to their relationship status. This talk will focus on theory and data which serve to examine whether college-aged perceivers follow the same pattern of evaluating women more negatively when single

For more information about Gender Out of Bounds presentations, contact Charlene Christie at Charlene.Christie@oneonta.edu or the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at 436-2014.