Florian Reyda has article published with SUNY Oneonta students and collaborator

Dr. Florian Reyda, Professor and Researcher, Biology Department and Biological Field Station, recently published an article titled, “Two new species of Stillabothrium (Cestoda: Rhinebothriidea) from stingrays of the genus Fontitrygon from Senegal” It was published in the current issue of Folia Parasitologica. The article is open access and available at https://folia.paru.cas.cz/artkey/fol-201801-0014_two_new_species_of_stillabothrium_cestoda_rhinebothriidea_from_stingrays_of_the_genus_fontitrygon_from_seneg.php

In the article, the authors describe two new species of tapeworms from stingrays from the coast of Senegal. They also provide a phylogenetic hypothesis (i.e., an evolutionary history) for all nine species of the genus Stillabothrium. The two student coauthors are Elsie Dedrick (Class of 2016) and Elise Iwanyckyj (Class of 2017). In both cases, students picked the names of the new species. This study is part of a series of studies by Reyda and collaborators as an attempt to further document biodiversity of animal parasites. 

This work was supported by a collaborative National Science Foundation grant of which Reyda was a participant, as well as several student research grants provided by the SUNY Oneonta research foundation.