Florian Reyda presents at workshop in Slovakia

Last week, Florian Reyda, Biology and Biological Field Station, traveled to Stará Lesná, Slovakia to participate in the 9th International Workshop on Acanthocephala. Acanthocephala are a group of parasitic worms also known as the thorny-headed worms. These workshops occur every four years.

At the workshop, Reyda delivered an invited presentation titled “An integrated taxonomic approach to understanding species diversity of fish-parasitizing Neoechinorhynchus species.” The presentation highlighted work Reyda has done with several of his students in New York and elsewhere in the USA. 

Library collecting books for inmates

In connection with the Common Read, Milne Library is hosting a book drive to collect books for inmates. Books can be placed in donation boxes located at Milne Library across from Argo Tea, in the Netzer lobby, and Hunt Union near the ATMs. The donation drive will last for the academic year.

Collected books will be donated to the nonprofit organization Books Through Bars. Any books that cannot be donated because of factors such as condition, will be donated to other nonprofit organizations.

If you would like to read more about the organization, collection drive, or information about the subject matter, please visit this link: https://libguides.oneonta.edu/prisonbookdonationdrive