Rebecca Harrington presents at SUNY’s SPECTRUM Conference

Rebecca Harrington presented a full-day post-conference workshop at the SUNY SPECTRUM conference in Albany on June 21, 2018. The SPECTRUM (Sexual & Interpersonal Violence Prevention Education, Capacity Building and Training in Response for Underserved Sexual and Gender Minorities) Conference is the nation’s largest education conference devoted to preventing and responding to sexual and interpersonal violence against members of the LGBTQI+ Community.

Harrington’s post-conference workshop, “Make It Work With What You’ve Got: Maximizing Your Resources for Impactful Programming,” reviewed best practices in the application of social marketing and public health theory and graphic design concepts for use in sexual violence prevention activities. A two-part webinar on this topic was hosted by the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault in August 2018.

Harrington serves on the SUNY Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention Impact Team.