Enrollment for 2018 PEP program in effect through Oct. 12

Due to ratification of the 2016 – 2011 Agreement between NYS and UUP, the 2018 Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) for UUP-represented employees who accrue vacation leave is now available. PEP allows such employees to exchange previously accrued annual leave (vacation) for a credit to be applied toward their employee share of NYS Health Insurance Plan (NYSHIP) premiums on a biweekly basis. Eligible full-time employees who enroll in PEP for July 1st through December 31st of the 2018 plan year will forfeit annual leave at the time of enrollment in return for a credit to be applied toward the employee-share of their NYSHIP premiums, in accordance with PEP guidelines. Eligible part-time employees who enroll in PEP will forfeit annual leave on a pro-rated basis in accordance with their payroll/employment percentage in return for a pro-rated credit. In no case can the credit available under the program be applied to the employer share of NYSHIP premiums.

The enrollment period for the 2018 PEP program is in effect now through Friday, October 12, 2018. The PEP summary and enrollment form is available at SUNY’s Announcements & News web page. The enrollment form is also available from our Human Resources Office, 208 Netzer.

Completed enrollment forms must be received in Human Resources, 208 Netzer, NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2018.