David Fieni publishes book review article

David Fieni (French and FLL) has published a review article in the b2o Review of Abdelkebir Khatibi’s long poem from 1976, recently translated into English as Class Warrior – Taoist Style. The article demonstrates how the poem configures the political in relation to the author’s singular poetics. In particular, it shows how the Khatibi’s idiosyncratic understanding of class, the “class warrior,” and the “class enemy” dramatize a combat that links language, thought, society, and the body in the creation of a permanent critique inspired by anticolonialism and Marxist thought, but also deforming Marx through the “Taoist Style” announced in the title.

Link: https://www.boundary2.org/2018/09/david-fieni-review-of-abdelkebir-khatibis-class-warrior-taoist-style/