TLTC announces Sept/Oct training schedule

Below are the TLTC offerings for September and October 2018.  You can read through them here or on the TLTC Faculty Opportunities website . Contact Chilton Reynolds ( or x2673) if you would like more information about any of these workshops or would like to be signed up for reminders about any specific workshop.

Blackboard Trainings

Level 1 Blackboard Training – Blackboard Level 1 training is now fully online.  You can go through all five required modules at your own pace.  However, if you have questions about some of the content or need some help working through the quizzes for each one, we are happy to help. Go to the IT Service Now portal( and submit a request to be added to the course or if you have questions.

How to make your Blackboard files accessible – There is a new tool in Blackboard that will give you feedback on your files in Blackboard and how you can make them more accessible to students.  This tool is called Ally.  This session will show you the different ways you can use this tool to help you work through the process of converting your content to an accessible format.  For more information on this tool you can visit Ally’s web page here:

9/12       1 p.m.

9/13       11 a.m.

9/14       11 a.m.

9/18       10 a.m.

10/3       1 p.m.

10/11      2 p.m.

10/15      9 a.m.

10/23      11 a.m.

(All trainings are in the TLTC Lounge, Basement of Milne Library)

New Tools in Blackboard – There are some new tools in Blackboard.  This session will cover the new tools that have been recently installed in Blackboard including:

  • Blackboard Collaborate – a video conferencing tool that allows you to have online meetings with students
  • SafeAssign – a plagiarism tool that allows you and students to check the uniqueness of written work
  • Attendance tool – this tool allows you to track attendance in Blackboard

9/13       2 p.m.

9/14       1 p.m.

9/18       2 p.m.

10/3        9 a.m.                  

10/11     10 a.m.                         

10/15       2 p.m.

(All trainings are in the TLTC Lounge, Basement of Milne Library)

Blackboard Grade Center Support – These sessions will cover how to use the Grade Center in Blackboard to grade student work, to easily communicate grades with students, and how to have the Grade Center calculate final grades.  It is also a time to come get help setting up your grade book in Blackboard, especially if you are looking for help with calculating grades before mid-term grades are due.

10/10             2 p.m.

10/11             3 p.m.

10/12             9 a.m.

10/15             10 a.m.

10/16             9 a.m.

10/17             3:30 p.m.

10/18             9 a.m.

10/18            3:30 p.m.

(All trainings are in the TLTC Lounge, Basement of Milne Library)

Tech Talk Day

Friday, November 16, 1 – 4 pm,  Butternut Room, Hunt Union

This afternoon conference will consist of sessions for faculty to share how they are using technology in the classroom to engage students. Each session will be approximately 45 minutes so you can come and go as you like throughout the afternoon.  To see a full schedule of the afternoon or to register, go to the Faculty Opportunities page in Campus Connection(

Best Practices in Online Training

October 1 – 31, Fully Online

This is the Level 2 Training course towards the Online Teaching Certification. Successful completion of this training and the Level 1 Blackboard training modules A-E are required to teach online at SUNY Oneonta. It was created to certify new and current online instructors in best practices to provide the highest quality eLearning experiences possible for students. This is a 1-month course, with discussions, three assignments, a reflective exercise at the end, and a final quiz. It is expected to take about 5-hours per week to complete the course work. It is peer-review on most work, and assignments marked on a S/NS basis. Completion of 95% of the work will culminate in the completion certificate.

Teaching Breakfast (Outside Starbucks)

The Teaching Breakfast is an informal gathering to talk about issues of teaching and learning. There is no need to sign-up for this, just show up when you are able. While we start the conversation at 8am you can always come later to join in. This group meets in the space outside of Starbucks in the Hunt Union. You can grab something from Starbucks or bring your breakfast and come chat with other faculty about issues in your classroom.

In addition, this group maintains an email listserv to share interesting readings around teaching and learning. If you are interested in signing up for the listserv, contact Chilton Reynolds ( or x2673). 
(All sessions start at 8am outside of Starbucks, Hunt Union)

  • September 19 (Wednesday)
  • October 4 (Thursday)
  • October 17 (Wednesday)
  • November 1 (Thursday)
  • November 14 (Wednesday)
  • November 29 (Thursday)
  • December 5 (Wednesday)