Applications for annual junior faculty award due 10/15

The Richard Siegfried Junior Faculty Prize has a twofold purpose:

1) recognition of academic excellence, encompassing scholarship and public speaking, and

2) public promotion of SUNY Oneonta.


Eligibility: All SUNY- Oneonta full-time, junior (non-tenured) faculty.

The selection process includes:

1. Evidence of academic achievement such as the publication of books or articles, grants for research or other scholarly endeavors, exhibits, conference presentations, creative achievements, performance events, or works in progress.

2. Evidence that the applicant can present a significant, interesting, and accessible 45-minute public lecture appropriate to a College and community audience comprised of non-specialists. Although the lecture topic should come from the applicant’s scholarship, the proposed presentation must engage and have relevance for a general audience.

Monday, October 15, 2018: Deadline to submit all application materials electronically to

Week of November 5, 2018: Successful applicant will be notified.

Evening of Tuesday, December 4, 2018: Successful applicant will receive the $1,000 prize and deliver the Siegfried Lecture in Craven Lounge.

Checklist of materials to submit:

_____1. Statement regarding academic excellence.

_____2. Current vita listing published books, articles, chapters, creative activities, presentations, or other

scholarly achievements.

_____3. Representative copies of materials listed above.

_____4. Title, outline, and summary of proposed presentation, identifying content to be covered, thesis/interpretation,

organization, and mode (e.g., transparencies, slides, PowerPoint, demonstration).

_____5. Explanation of why the topic will interest a general audience and enhance the reputation of the College.

_____6. Statement regarding public speaking experience and style.

_____7. At least one letter supporting your ability to give such a presentation.

_____8. Audio/visual tape of a past presentation or class lecture (optional).

Contact the Instructional Resource Center for help with the latter)

The Richard Siegfried Junior Faculty Prize for Academic Excellence is funded by generous gifts from Alumni to the 2018-2019 Fund for Oneonta and gifts to the College at Oneonta Foundation.

The selection committee includes the Provost, the Academic Deans, and members of the Academic Excellence Committee. The Academic Excellence Committee is comprised of past recipients of the Susan Sutton Smith Prize (Joseph Pignato (Chair), Florian Reyda and Matthew Hendley, as well as past recipients of the Richard Siegfried Prize, William Walker, Kristen Blinne and Tyra Olstad).