Gender Out of Bounds event to feature Indian author

On Thursday, Sept. 20, the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies will present GENDER OUT OF BOUNDS – “I am the Widow’: Of ’empathetic’ male reformers and the beginnings of the ‘women’s question’ in India.” Dr. Harmony Siganporia of India will speak from 5 to 6 p.m. at the CME’s Great Hall (Lee Hall).

Siganporia’s latest book, ‘I am the Widow’: An Intellectual Biography of Behramji Malabari” (2018) is a critical analysis of the life-work and times of Behramji Malabari (1853–1912), a Parsi social reformer, journalist, poet, proto ethnographer/anthropologist, travel writer, and vital catalyst of change who did much to shape the national reform discourse churning a society in transition in late-nineteenth-century Western India. The book evaluates Malabari’s lifelong commitment to working for the uplift of women, particularly widows, even as it explores the politics of representation and outlines some of the tensions that such a voicing of ‘women’s issues’ by male reformers such as Malabari entails.

Building on the premise of this book, this talk will outline the beginning of the “women’s question” in India in the late 19th-century, and attempt to explore how ensuing movement/s continue to grapple with the fundamental questions raised by Malabari and his ilk to-date.

For more information about Gender Out of Bounds presentations, contact Charlene Christie at or the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at 436-2014.