Sean Shannon presents at Oregon teaching competition

Dr. Sean Shannon ’89, a Lecturer of Law in the School of Economics and Business, was a finalist at the 2018 Charles M. Hewitt Master of Teacher Competition at the Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB) 2018 Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon in August. The Charles M. Hewitt Master Teacher Competition highlights the best classroom teaching, particularly the incorporation of new or evolving course subject matter, cultural contexts, pedagogy, and technology.


Dr. Shannon presented his lesson, Teaching Business Law Students the Basics of Civil Legal Actions through the Case of the Sleeping Yankee Fan: At a Major League Baseball game held at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, April 13, 2014 between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, a fan was captured on television dozing in the stands during the game and ESPN sports’ announcers took note. From the less than two-minute verbal exchange between the announcers, subsequent fan blog commentary, and the image of a fan dozing at the game, a $10 million lawsuit ensued, a Decision and Ordered was rendered, and a fun pedagogical exercise was realized.”

Hewitt Award - Shannon