With new semester, employees should check in with Payroll Office

We hope you enjoyed your summer! With the Fall semester upon us, please make sure your records are up to date with the Payroll Office.

For our part-timers who will be returning:

· Do you need to update your mailing address with us?
· If you don’t already have direct deposit, would you like to sign up?
· Did you know you could suppress the printing of your direct deposit advices in NYS Payroll Online?
· Do you typically work off campus and need your checks mailed?

For our Department Chairs and their administrative staff:

· Have you reviewed our Paycheck Distribution Policy as of lately?
· Does your department need to update their designated individual for receiving checks/stubs?

For those of you who employ students on campus:

· Have you filled out the Student Employment Appointment Form?
· Have you reviewed our handy Student Payroll Manual?
· Are you familiar with SUNY’s Student Assistant Employment Policy?

If any of the above applies, please download and return the necessary forms as soon as possible. Please note – if direct deposit forms and permission to mail forms are not received a live check will be cut and distributed to your Campus Department on payday. An updated schedule of our payroll periods and respective pay dates can be found here. If you need anything else please visit our website or call ext. 2504!