Miguel León publishes book on history in Peru

Miguel León, History, published a book titled “Among Mountains and Gorges: A History of the Conchucos region, XVI-XX centuries” about the history of the Conchucos region located in Northern Peru. The book is an ambitious historical research that traces the major events, actors and processes of five centuries of history in this region.

The impact of the Spanish conquest and reorganization under the encomienda system, the process of Christianization, the establishment of colonial institutions and the impact of the Bourbon Reforms are some of the topics discussed for the period under Spanish rule. As for the republican period, the book examines the struggles of local elites for political and economic power, the impact of the state policies and the development of mining activities, one of the central economic activities in this region.

For more recent history, the book discusses the impact of the Agrarian Reform in Conchucos especially the redistribution of land, the reorganization of the peasant communities, and finally the age of political violence that dominated Peruvian politics over the last two decades of the twentieth century.