Introducing the SUNY Oneonta Event Pass

The Office of Student Life and Leadership and New Student Services are proud to announce that we now have a faster and easier way to track attendance at events.

The SUNY Oneonta Event Pass works similar to mobile check-in at airports. Event passes are unique to each individual (everyone is assigned their own QR code) and can be accessed via our mobile events app, CORQ. You can also download them to your Google or Apple Pay apps or just screenshot them and save to your gallery. No more having to check out card readers, wondering if the card actually swiped, and having to process the data. The mobile event check-in app automatically adds attendance for events when used. No smart phone? No problem. You can look people up and even capture off-campus attendee info if you desire.

The check-in app works on any android or iOS device (iOS 10+), as long as you have internet or data connection.

A step-by-step walkthrough is available here but I am willing to meet with departments or event organizers to demonstrate.

Our hope is to improve the current LEAD@Oneonta process while developing a more comprehensive picture of involvement here at Oneonta. Event managers will be able to export lists of attendees and even compare lists to find those students or community members who attend multiple events for better targeting of marketing messages.

If you know of a student or campus community member who doesn’t have a smartphone and would like to have a hardcopy version of their event pass, please have them contact Bill Harcleroad and we can arrange to print a sticker or business card version.