Florian Reyda and students attend, present at Cancún meeting

Last week, Florian Reyda, Biology, and two graduate and four undergraduate students traveled to Cancún, Mexico for the 93rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Parasitologists.

Graduate student Maggie Doolin gave an oral presentation about her Masters research on species of thorny-headed worms in fishes. Graduate student Brian Mullin and undergraduates Jessica Schoeck, Byron Peregrim, Sisina Macchiarelli and Daniela Aguilar presented posters on the results of their own parasitological research projects on host-parasite systems of Otsego Lake, or of marine stingray tapeworms. Sisina’s poster received an honorable mention at the meetings. Reyda also gave two presentations.

Several of the student research projects were supported in part by Student Research Grants from SUNY Oneonta. Student travel to these meetings was supported in part by the Caroline ’67 and David D’Antonio Student Travel for Excellence Fund.