Rules for accepting free textbooks from publishers

The NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE)’s latest “Ethics Reminder” addresses gift rules related to accepting free textbooks from publishers. Generally, NYS employees are prohibited from accepting gifts which might give the appearance that they are being influenced in some way by the gift-giver. However, specific rules apply regarding textbooks.  Read the Ethics Reminder available here.

An overview of all the gift rules is available at

Introducing the SUNY Oneonta Event Pass

The Office of Student Life and Leadership and New Student Services are proud to announce that we now have a faster and easier way to track attendance at events.

The SUNY Oneonta Event Pass works similar to mobile check-in at airports. Event passes are unique to each individual (everyone is assigned their own QR code) and can be accessed via our mobile events app, CORQ. You can also download them to your Google or Apple Pay apps or just screenshot them and save to your gallery. No more having to check out card readers, wondering if the card actually swiped, and having to process the data. The mobile event check-in app automatically adds attendance for events when used. No smart phone? No problem. You can look people up and even capture off-campus attendee info if you desire.

The check-in app works on any android or iOS device (iOS 10+), as long as you have internet or data connection.

A step-by-step walkthrough is available here but I am willing to meet with departments or event organizers to demonstrate.

Our hope is to improve the current LEAD@Oneonta process while developing a more comprehensive picture of involvement here at Oneonta. Event managers will be able to export lists of attendees and even compare lists to find those students or community members who attend multiple events for better targeting of marketing messages.

If you know of a student or campus community member who doesn’t have a smartphone and would like to have a hardcopy version of their event pass, please have them contact Bill Harcleroad and we can arrange to print a sticker or business card version.

3rd annual Upper Susquehanna Watershed Forum to take place on campus

Save the Date! The 3rd Annual Upper Susquehanna Watershed Forum will take place on October 18, 2018 on SUNY Oneonta’s campus. All are invited to attend.

The forum brings together watershed managers, activists, lobbyists, non-profit conservation associations and interested citizens to discuss current issues facing the Upper Susquehanna, and to build stronger ties to our downstream neighbors in the Chesapeake Bay. The event promises to engage diverse stakeholders, and as such will provide an excellent opportunity for our students to see how water management takes place in a very applied way. There will be presentations, discussions and field trips.

Furniture available for campus-wide use

Property Management has furniture available for campus wide use.

The following furniture is available:

4 gray upholstered chairs

7 tan upholstered chairs

4 red upholstered chairs

3 round tables with 15 varied chairs

1 large library table (approximately 9’ x 4’)

1 round coffee table

Lab tables-8 about 9’ long, 1 about 6’ long

1 couch

4 library carrels with chairs

If your department would like to utilize any of these pieces, please contact Deb Wolfanger at 2621 or email

Save the date – Pass Through the Pillars

Join the Alumni Association in welcoming the new students this fall! Pass Through the Pillars is Sunday, August 26 at 7 p.m.

Pass through the Pillars is SUNY Oneonta’s largest and most treasured tradition. New students are welcomed to the SUNY Oneonta community by passing through the two remaining pillars of Old Main, Oneonta’s original building, Old Main. They are following in the footsteps of their predecessors as they walk between the pillars that have ushered students for over 125 years. Freshmen and new transfer students are welcomed with an ice cream social after the event. This tradition comes full circle when seniors walk the opposite way through the pillars before graduation, signifying the end of their academic career at Oneonta and entering the next phase of their lives as alumni.

Alumni and campus community members are invited to attend to cheer for our new students as they begin their journey at Oneonta.  If you are interested in volunteering for a specific role, please reach out to us at

School of Education and Human Ecology accepting applications for two part-time staff associates

Staff Associate/Co-Director Positions

As part of the new TEACH NY initiatives, SUNY education programs are being asked to consider multiple changes in the practices we use with PK-12 partners to prepare certified educators. To help SUNY Oneonta prepare for developing and implementing TEACH NY initiatives, the School of Education and Human Ecology is accepting applications for two part-time Staff Associates to fill the vacated 10-month Staff Associate position for the Director of the Office of Education Advisement and Field Experience (OEAFE).

The two part-time Staff Associates will be charged with reviewing the structure and staffing used to facilitate field experiences and certification support services for all education majors. The split level for the two part-time positions will depend on the skill set of the applicants and will be awarded when it is determined who is the best match for each part of the job responsibilities. Candidates who are interested in applying for a Staff Associate Co-Director position should:

  1. Identify which position, 1 or 2
  2. Submit 1-2 page application statement indicating the process you would use to identify future OEAFE structure and staffing needs for facilitating field experiences and certification support for all education majors


Staff Associate/Co-Director, Position 1

The school will seek an emergency hire on a part-time basis who is current in P-12 district staffing needs. The Staff Associate/Co-Director will provide leadership for developing and maintaining our external partnership relationships with districts and align district service needs with best practice models for preparing P-12 staff.


Staff Associate/Co-Director, Position 2

The school will seek an emergency hire on a part-time basis who is knowledgeable about current SUNY Oneonta Office of Education Advisement and Field Experience services and campus policies that impact education majors. The Staff Associate/Co-Director will provide leadership for maintaining and adjusting student support services for all education majors.


Requirements:Master’s degree in Education or Related Area; K-12 teaching experience; excellent communication skills; supervision experience; assessment experience.


Please submit interest letter, application statement and resume to

Questions about either position should be addressed to Dr. Jan Bowers:

Jan.Bowers@oneonta.eduor 607.436.2007