Relethford co-authors journal article

John Relethford, Anthropology, is a co-author of the paper “Bone functional adaptation does not erase neutral evolutionary information” in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology (Early view online). The other authors are Gina Agostini (senior author, Arizona State University) and  Brigitte Holt (University of Massachusetts). This study examines measurements of long bones taken by the senior author in samples from Europe and South Africa to examine the extent to which variation among samples reflects population history (judged using cranial measures) versus adaptive plasticity due to changes in the bones over a lifetime. The results indicate that adaptive plasticity does not erase population history.

April Harper publishes chapter on misrepresentation of queenly power in Middle Ages

April Harper, History, has published a chapter, “Silencing Queens” in Karl Alvestad, Janice North, and Ellie Woodacre eds., Pre-modern Rulers and (Post)modern Viewers: gender, sex and power in popular culture (Palgrave, 2017). The work examines the trend in works of medievalism (the reworking of the history, images, or perceptions of the Middle Ages by modern peoples) to rewrite powerful, historical women as silent figures, lacking power or agency. She argues this reinvention is due to contemporary anxieties centered on the power of women’s speech as well as modern society’s misunderstanding and misgendering of medieval power roles.

Milne Library’s special collections blog off and running

The Milne Library’s special collections blog has a new name and a new post. Head on over to check out a great article on old cars and spies on the Dragon Tales blog! It is an intriguing read.

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 Dragon Tales:

Thank you from Todd Foreman

I would like to thank the many members of the campus community that shared their well wishes with me prior to my departure. Your kind words and generosity underscored the amazing 25 year experience I had at SUNY Oneonta. I won’t be too far away, and I’ll enjoy watching SUNY Oneonta prosper.

Todd Foreman