Relethford publishes book on genetics and human population history

John Relethford, Anthropology, has published the second edition of his book Reflections of Our Past: How Human History is Revealed in Our Genes (Routledge 2018). His co-author, new to this edition, is Deborah Bolnick of the University of Texas, an anthropological geneticist specializing in DNA analysis of population history and ancestry estimation.

This book examines our genetic relationship with the African apes; genetics and the global history of the human species following our initial African origin; and the use of genetic data in reconstructing population history and ancestry. Case studies include Native American origins, the spread of agriculture in Europe, the origin of Polynesians, the population history of Ireland, and admixture in human groups throughout history. The first edition received the W.W. Howells Book Award from the Biological Anthropology Section of the America Anthropological Association.