David Fieni presents paper at annual literature meeting at UCLA

David Fieni, French, presented a paper at the American Comparative Literature Association conference in Los Angeles on March 30.  The paper, “Maghrebi Afrofuturisms and Anamorphic Time,” explored the Pan-African Cultural Festival of Algiers in July 1969, which brought together creative artists and intellectuals from Africa and beyond, alongside representatives from African national liberation movements (including members of the ANC and the Black Panther party) in a two-week celebration that staged a pan-African future in real time. Through a reading of Abdelatif Laâbi’s poem, “Les singes éléctroniques,” and contemporary work by the Franco-Moroccan street artist eL Seed, the paper demonstrated how the Festival attempted to make the common work of decolonization visible, audible, and perceptible to the African public.