Deadline nearing for applications for funding

The Public Events Committee currently seeks applications for funding of “public events” on the SUNY Oneonta campus for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. The deadline to apply for funding is Friday, April 13.

Typical events that meet the “cultural and educational standards of the college” include guest speakers; arts and cultural activities; readings; concerts and public performances; and presentations geared to increase the positive cultural relationship within and between the college and the surrounding community.

Generally, funding awards are between $300 and $1000. Funding requests should demonstrate that substantial funding is also sought from additional sources.

The “college sponsored” event should be held on campus and should benefit the entire campus community, NOT just a narrow interest group or population.

All proposals should include a budget and advertising plan.

The proposal must be submitted by a member of the faculty, staff, or a current or retired employee of the college.

For complete submission guidelines, link to the application form, and sample proposals, visit the Public Events Committee’s web page by searching for “Committee on Public Events” or going to

Questions?  Contact Public Events Committee Chair, George Hovis, at or at 436-2571.