Lecturer launches campaign to bring art to mental health spaces

Visual artist and SUNY Oneonta Lecturer Madeline Walker has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to cover an artist residency this summer, wherein she will produce the remaining installation parts for her series, “Bloom.”

“Bloom,” a traveling art installation about OCD, is a large-scale art installation by Madeline Walker that opened in May 2017 and has since traveled to California, Nevada and New York. Bloom integrates painting, sculpture and ceramics with technologies like 3D Printing and CNC routing to create the installations.

The installation is inspired by Walker’s experiences with repetitive OCD thoughts and panic attacks. These experiences are brought to light in this visual art series, which seeks to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health topics.

Walker’s goal is to take the installation to mental health centers, making art more accessible to those living with mental health conditions.

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