Oneonta Faculty Convivium luncheon to take place March 15

You are cordially invited to a luncheon with the Oneonta Faculty Convivium on Thursday, March 15, from noon to 1 p.m. at the Le Café in Morris Hall. Dr. Theron Verdon, Associate Professor of Communication and Media, will present a talk titled, The Longest War: Afghanistan and the new Great Game.”

Seating is limited.  To reserve a seat please call X2517 before March 12. Vegetarian meals are available.

Abstract: For 16 years, the western coalition of the United States and their fellow members of NATO have been in Afghanistan working to help provide security and stability leading to a sustainable and sovereign Afghanistan while combating an ever-changing insurgency. To better comprehend the current conflict in Afghanistan you have to look past the physical war and explore and analyze the influence war taking place.

This influence war is not just between the western coalition and the Taliban but a multitude of interests including but not limited to the western coalition, Taliban, ISIS, Pakistan, Russia, and the Failed State Narrative. All of them battling it out for the future of Afghanistan and potentially Central Asia. This talk will explore and explain the current influence war in Afghanistan and its impact on the world.