Cancer support group meeting Feb. 21

The next Oneonta Cancer Support Group meeting will be held Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018, at 4 p.m. in Morris Hall at SUNY Oneonta. The presenter will be Dr. Paula Petry, who will present on “Resetting One’s Beliefs to Reduce Stress & Promote Health and Well-Being.”

When our beliefs support our desires, we experience less strife and struggle, much of what stress is made of. It takes less effort to achieve what it is we want. In this session, Dr. Petry will demonstrate the power of one’s thoughts and beliefs on health and well-being using a form of energy testing. The group will then engage in a Psych-K process, a modality used to shift limiting beliefs to ones that are life-affirming. Three easy ways to boost one’s energy, by tapping specific meridians on the body, will be shared.  

Dr. Paula Petry’s journey of self-discovery, healing and personal empowerment began with the birth of her daughter, Alexandra, who was born with a severe disability. In lieu of accepting the fate prescribed by physicians, other health professionals and educators, Paula chose to pave a new path for not only her daughter, but for many others. She became a strong advocate to meet the needs of her daughter and, in that, she formed what is now one of the leading parent advocacy organization in the country.

Paula brought that knowledge and her passion for family-centered care services to her faculty position at the University of Miami, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics— for over a decade preparing pediatricians to work with children with special health care needs.

Her daughter’s death brought great loss, suffering and new beginnings. She studied energy medicine, sound healing, mindfulness and somatic therapies to heal. She now finds purpose and meaning in helping others pave their path forward to their own self-discoveries.