Matthew Hendley gives keynote speech in Toronto on history of Hong Kong housing

Dr. Matthew Hendley, professor of History, was the invited keynote speaker at the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library at the University of Toronto on Nov. 24, 2017. He gave a talk entitled “Hong Kong’s Housing Policy.”

Dr. Hendley focused on the accomplishments of Murray MacLehose, governor of Hong Kong from 1971-1982, who played a key role in expanding and modernizing Hong Kong’s public housing. In part due to Governor MacLehose, Hong Kong became famous as providing one of the most comprehensive and successful public housing programs in the world after the Second World War.

Dr. Hendley discussed the motivations and visions behind MacLehose’s housing policy and offered comparisons of Hong Kong’s housing policy since it returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1997 with the MacLehose period.

Dr. Hendley answered questions after the talk and was also interviewed by a local Toronto television station.