Matthew Hendley gives keynote speech in Toronto on history of Hong Kong housing

Dr. Matthew Hendley, professor of History, was the invited keynote speaker at the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library at the University of Toronto on Nov. 24, 2017. He gave a talk entitled “Hong Kong’s Housing Policy.”

Dr. Hendley focused on the accomplishments of Murray MacLehose, governor of Hong Kong from 1971-1982, who played a key role in expanding and modernizing Hong Kong’s public housing. In part due to Governor MacLehose, Hong Kong became famous as providing one of the most comprehensive and successful public housing programs in the world after the Second World War.

Dr. Hendley discussed the motivations and visions behind MacLehose’s housing policy and offered comparisons of Hong Kong’s housing policy since it returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1997 with the MacLehose period.

Dr. Hendley answered questions after the talk and was also interviewed by a local Toronto television station.

Academic Advisement workshops – the series continues

The spring advising workshops for faculty and staff are underway. Join Academic Advisement and our colleagues from various offices on campus to learn more about outreach and support for our students.  All sessions are 1:00 to 1:50 p.m. in Fitzelle 354.

·        Thursday, Feb. 1 – Career Development and Advising (Learn about the services for students/alumni and the ways in which CD can support faculty)

·        Friday, Feb. 2 – Career Development (repeat of Feb. 1)

·        Thursday, Feb. 16 – Counseling Skills and Advising (Learn about the Counseling services, who and how to refer students, when to file a BAT report, and ways in which the Counseling Center can support faculty)

·        Friday, Feb. 17 – Counseling Skills (repeat of Feb. 16)

·        Thursday, March 15 – Referrals and Resources in Advising (Learn about Accessibility Resources, Academic support in CADE, who and how to refer students, and ways in which these offices can support faculty)

·        Friday, March 16 – Referrals and Resources (repeat of Mar. 15)

·        Thursday, April 5 – Registrar Tools and Resources in Advising (Learn about the forms, processes, and support the Registrar’s Office provides to faculty and staff.  Learn to navigate through self-service links and see the new scheduling software in action)

·        Friday, April 6 – Registrar Tools and Resources (repeat of Apr. 5)

To sign-up, go to:

CSEA prescription drug co-pay benefits info

CSEA members who are enrolled in the Empire Plan or an HMO are entitled to reimbursements for NYSHIP prescription drug card co-pays and covered prescriptions less than the co-pay once annually, up to a maximum of $150 per family per calendar year.  To obtain the maximum benefit of $150, members must wait until their co-pay expenses reach $450 before filing a claim. For purposes of the Prescription Drug Co-pay Benefit, “Family” includes Domestic Partner.

  • Members who are enrolled in the New York State Health Insurance Program (either the Empire Plan or Health Maintenance Organization) are entitled to a reimbursement once annually for NYSHIP prescription drug co-pays for themselves and their eligible dependents.
  • Only one claim per calendar year (January – December) is processed.  To obtain the maximum benefit, wait until your co-pay expenses reach $450.00 before filing your claim.
  • If you do not accumulate $450.00 before the end of the year, submit your claim after December 31 for what you did pay over $300.00.

The Deadline for submission is March 31 of the following year for the co-pays accumulated during the previous calendar year. Therefore, for 2017 the deadline is March 31, 2018.

Submit your completed form with itemized pharmacy printout clearly indicating the patient name, co-pay amount, and prescription drug names, along with a photocopy of your Empire Plan or HMO insurance card. Cash register receipts, canceled checks and credit card receipts are not acceptable. The fund will then send the check to the member.  Prescriptions must be dispensed by a licensed pharmacist.

To obtain more information and print the form go to this website:

Charles O’Bryan co-authors article

Charles R. O’Bryan, director of Libraries, has co-authored the article “Zero-Based Budgeting In a Cutback Scenario For A Small Academic Library” along with K.G. Schneider. 

Library Leadership & Management (LL&M) is the official journal of the Library Leadership and Management Association. LL&M focuses on assisting library administrators and managers at all levels as they deal with day-to-day challenges. In-depth articles address a wide variety of management issues and highlight examples of successful management methods used in libraries.  Read the article online here. 


This white paper will model zero-based budgeting in a cutback scenario. The paper will open with a literature review of organizational decline, fiscal retrenchment, and zero-based budgeting, “a method of budgeting which requires you to justify all planned expenditures for each of your new business periods” (Small Business Accounting Guide, 2014). The bulk of this white paper will model zero-based budgeting in a cutback scenario using an organizational persona based on the actual budget of a small private academic library. The budget narrative will describe the sequencing of this budget model. A brief discussion of the pros and cons of zero-based budgeting will follow. The paper will conclude with an annotated list of key readings followed by a more extensive list of references.

Arthur Falbush presents ALL EARS Jazz Workshop in New Zealand

Arthur Falbush (Music) traveled to Christchurch, New Zealand recently to present ALL EARS: Jazz and Improvised Music Workshop. The weeklong program was held in conjunction with the Music and Arts division of the Ara Institute of Christchurch and attracted students from 12 to 70 years old.

ALL EARS, which is the creation of Falbush and educator Keith Pray, is an evolution of the earliest methods of teaching jazz and American music and is presented as an alternative to traditional large ensemble music instruction.

Habitat for Humanity seeking volunteers

Habitat for Humanity of Otsego County is seeking interested people to volunteer to carry out its mission, which is to provide safe, affordable housing for families in need. Volunteers are particularly needed on the various committees of HFHOC, including the publicity committee, the volunteer recruitment and retention committee, fundraising committee and building committee.

The HFHOC Board of Directors is also in need of additional members. You don’t have to have building skills to serve on the various committees or the Board. However, HFHOC is looking for individuals who have building trade skills to serve on the building committee and to work at the job site.

As a volunteer, you will engage directly in improving our communities; contribute your talents and build new skills in home construction, database entry and coordination, banking/finance and social services; and build a personal and professional network.

For more information, call Marge Pietraface, 432-1385 or email