A reminder of services offered by CADE

How can CADE help your students? We recommend to students that if they are struggling with course material, they should come to professors’ office hours. We also recommend that they work with a TA during office hours when one is available. If they need help beyond that, CADE is ready to help.

We provide peer tutors for some 100- and 200-level courses. We offer appointment-based tutoring for some subjects and drop-in tutoring for others. Our drop-in tutoring schedule for this semester is available here: http://www.oneonta.edu/academics/cade/dropinschedule.asp#Anchor.

If the course a students wants tutoring for is not listed under drop-in tutoring, he or she can go to Tracktion at https://tracktion.oneonta.edu to apply for an appointment with a tutor (TIP: use Internet Explorer).

Peer tutors may clarify course content and do practice problems (if appropriate) with students. Unless CADE has received express written permission from faculty, though, peer tutors will not work on any assignment (including homework) that will be graded. Students can also get help with an essay or with study skills from our professional writing center tutors at the Tracktion site.  Permission of the instructor is required for students to receive assistance with writing at CADE.

Visit CADE’s website for more information on referring students or call Amy Crouse-Powers at x2819. http://www.oneonta.edu/academics/cade/ReferringStudents.asp