CADE Ambassadors

Plan Now for Spring!

CADE Ambassadors can come speak with your classes about the services CADE offers. Peer tutoring is available for many 100- and 200-level courses. We have Academic Coaching and professional writing tutoring available as well. Email or call x2819 to request a CADE Ambassador to explain our services to your 100- or 200-level spring class.


Will you have a TA who tutors next semester? CADE is offering TUTOR TRAINING FOR TEACHING ASSISTANTS. In addition to introducing key concepts of how to plan and evaluate the effectiveness of an individual tutoring interaction, we will help TAs recognize the line between helping a student understand concepts and inadvertently doing the work (or the thinking) for the student. For more information about how we can help your TA work more effectively with your students, please call Amy Crouse-Powers at x2819 or email her at

Joseph Pignato of the Music Department Co-authors Book

Joseph Michael Pignato, a Professor in the Music Department, has co-authored a book, “The Music Learning Profiles Project: Let’s Take This Outside,” published by Routledge Focus in November of this year.

Part of the Routledge New Directions in Music Education series, the book introduces The Music Learning Profiles Project, or MLPP, an ongoing research initiative that uses “Flash Study” analysis, a modified case study approach pioneered by the authors, to profile musicians active in a wide range of musical contexts not typically found in traditional music education settings.

Pignato co-authored the text with the MLPP’s other primary investigators, Radio Cremata, Assistant Professor at Ithaca College, Bryan Powell, Director of Higher Education for Little Kids Rock and Interim Director for Amp Up NYC; and Gareth Dylan Smith, Manager of Program Effectiveness at Little Kids Rock and Visiting International Scholar at New York University.

The publication features data from interviews with twenty musicians, active in a variety of traditions, genres, and practices. The participants discussed key learning experiences, the music learning environments that most impacted them, and their relationships to music learning in and out of schools. The MLPP offers a nuanced understanding of the myriad approaches to music learning that have emerged in the early part of the twenty-first century.

William Simons, History Department, Moderated a Public Discussion

William Simons, History Department, moderated a public discussion on the film The Birth of A Nation on Friday, December 1, 2017, at the Southside Mall Community Room as part of the “Race Matters” series. The program was sponsored by the NAACP and the City Community Relations and Human Rights Commission. A 2016 film, not to be confused with 1915 movie of the same name, The Birth of A Nation concerns the Nat Turner slave rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia.


Enhanced Self-Service Password Reset Functionality Available Now

SUNY Oneonta’s IT Services is making it easier than ever for you to reset your password if you ever forget it. We have collaborated with Microsoft to use their Self-Service Password Reset utility.

Next Steps
Visit Microsoft’s Password Management Page in your web browser and complete the sign-up process using your existing and password that you login to your computer with today.

After you complete the registration process you can use the following link or click on “Can’t access your account?” on the sign on page to reset your password from any device.