Fashion in Action Sale: December 6 & 7

Fair trade items from India – pillows, scarves and handbags. Proceeds help pay a teacher’s salary in India through the Ninash Foundation.
Come purchase unique items for the holidays while helping a great cause. Hunt Union “Living Room” December 6th & 7th from 10 AM to 5 PM.

DESIGNING FOR THE USER: An Exhibition by Two Student Artists

DESIGNING FOR THE USER: an exhibition by two student artists, Brandon Belaski and Danielle Thomas, opens Thursday, November 30, with a reception on Friday, December 1, 5-7pm in the Lobby area of the Martin-Mullen Art Gallery. The show consists of a combination of graphic design and internet web design. Both students are designing to meet the needs of perspective design clients with printed matter as well as web content.

Their work displays graphic design for books, advertising and web use. QR codes are presented to viewers to scan with their smartphones to visit web based designs and explore their creations online. A large TV video display walks viewers through the process of viewing their work on the web.

The artists statement:

“Every day we use our phones. A user on average spends 4+ hours a day on their device, primarily on social media. With over 4 million apps available between Android and Apple users, plenty of time is spent on the cell phone. The importance of good design in relation to everyday life is extremely important. Now more than ever before, good design is being seen in just about every material.

In whatever project we designers take on, we always have to remember we are designing for the user. Brandon and Danielle showcase their knowledge of designing for users with website and mobile app designs, as well as through environmental design, book jacket design and poster work.”

PGS Lobby Poster Design